User Experience Designer


A leader in conceptualizing and producing art and visual materials that encapsulates a company’s vision, Matt Walker has worked as a UX designer on initiatives domestic and abroad across diverse platforms and areas of focus.

Drawing from a variety of experience and interests, Matt ‘s philosophy is two-fold: to push the boundaries of art, and fidelity to the mission of the brand. His approach in taking “concept to creation” is widely circulated and draws together diverse audiences. 

Matt has been responsible for overseeing creative as well as collaborating with other departments of production that comprise a fast-paced commercial environment. His training in advertising fortifies his acumen as the strategic and creative lens necessary for the curation and dissemination of Ahold Delhaize’s US brands across online medias. 

An alumnus of the Creative Circus’ program in graphic design, Matt also has a degree in advertising and French from the University of Alabama.